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What Is Trauma?
There is emotional trauma and physical trauma. We sometimes think of trauma as something people experience on the battle field. When soldiers come back from war they have traumatic symptoms we hear it called PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is very true and a very real issues we see in our offices on a regular basis.

However many people do not realize that trauma occurs in other parts of life as well. When someone experiences a disaster in life, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, infidelity, or some other life stress of pain it can be traumatizing. These same events can cause PTSD symptoms.

Personal trauma is often described as life being turned upside down. Your very reality is shaken. Your identity is ruptured. It can be hard to make sense of things.

Have You Experienced Trauma?
Has there been a big life event or stressor occur in your life currently? Maybe you’ve experience abuse of some kind. Maybe you’ve been cheated by someone you love or care about. Maybe you witnessed a death or someone being hurt. All of these can cause trauma and trauma can cause depression, anxiety, fear, and pain.

Symptoms of Trauma
– You may have trouble sleeping at night
– Maybe you can’t seem to get your thoughts together
– Do you ask the same questions over and over trying to understand why
– Do you have nightmares?
– Do you struggle to connect with others?

When to Seek Help
Immediately. The sooner you get help the less damage the event can do to you psychologically. Many people think they are going crazy. We can assure you that you are not going crazy. You are experiencing a natural physiological response to a real stress. Some believe that it will go away over time. This is also not true because without processing the pain of trauma it stays with us and can even change our personality over time. We push people we love away and many times we isolate ourselves to the point where we fall into a deep depression.

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