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Are Your Relationships Struggling?
If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or past abuse chances are the important relationships in your life are struggling too. It could be relationships between you and your spouse, between you and your children, you and your boss or co-worker, you and a close friend, or any other important relationship.

Do you find that those most important to you avoid you? Do you find that you can’t seem to get the support you once had? Maybe you’re just exhausted. Maybe you are the loved one watching your friend or spouse suffering from the pain of depression, anxiety, or past abuse?

What Should You Look For As A Concerned Loved One, Friend, or Employer?
You may have noticed that your loved one, friend, or employee has become more and more distant and withdrawn. Do they lash out in anger or rage? Do they miss important functions or meetings because “they forgot”? They seem scatter brained. Do they seem to lack motivation for day to day life? Do they lack clarity about their future? Maybe they’ve even talked (even jokingly) about dying or not wanting to be “here” anymore. Do they seem to always be tired?

Maybe they seem to be afraid or nervous a lot. Do they interrupt conversations where they talk over the recipient and then apologize for even being there? Maybe their self-esteem is shot? Do they seem to have nervous excitement followed by fear or a deep low? Maybe they can’t seem to control their fear or nervous tension?

Are You A Loved One Of Someone Who Is Suffering From Depression, Anxiety, or Abuse?
Whatever suspicious thing you’ve heard them say or seen them do, you are concerned, rightfully so. You are reading this because you care about them and you care about your relationship. You love them. Chances are they love you too but they need a little extra support and TLC right now. You probably know this…but it doesn’t make it easier to give the extra support they need. You too may need some support through this challenging time.

Maybe you’re growing weary with them. It isn’t unusual for those watching their friend or loved one suffer to feel helpless, overwhelmed, and maybe even frustrated or angry with them because they lack the motivation to get help.

Are You An Employer Of Someone Who Is Suffering From Depression, Anxiety, or Abuse?
When you work together as long as you have with this person, you can’t help but care about them. Even if none of your employees are currently struggling you know that it’s important to care for the mental health of your people. Mental health is crucial for the work place to function smoothly. If any link in the chain is weak it can really make the whole system weak. We can help you and your co-workers be the best most productive selves, save you money, and make sure that the business keeps producing so you can serve your clients and customers that much better.

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