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What Is Abuse?
In our office we help people who have experienced sexual abuse or assault, physical abuse and emotional abuse.

Have You Experienced Abuse?
Does someone in your life intimidate you?
Do they humiliate and/or embarrass you?
Do they ignore or exclude you?
Is someone making you feel afraid for your life?
Do they become unreasonably jealous?
Is their love conditional? Do they say things like “I love you but…”
Do they say things like “If you don’t _____ then I will ____”?
Do they withdraw affection or stop talking to you if you don’t do what they want?
Do they make you feel guilty for not going along?
Is everything your fault? Always one sided and you’re always to blame?
Do they isolate you from family or friends? Do they move you across country to be alone?
Do they threaten suicide if you don’t do something that they want you to do?

When To Seek Help
When you begin to notice that you can’t ask for what you want or need without guilt or repercussions then you might consider getting help. If they show any signs of the actions above you can bet that the relationship is abusive.

How Does Abuse Occur?
Abuse is not just in relationships between significant others. This is definitely a concern, however, abuse occurs in parental relationships, friendships, and in the workplace.

Abusers try to convince their victims that they don’t deserve better. They oftentimes act charming in front of other people, but behind closed doors they aren’t the happy, charming, likable person they are in public.

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